You’ll have your chance someday.

As a nostalgic Assist Trophy 20 years from now in a new installment of Smash Bros., anyway.


**Tutorial: Making Stretch Boot Covers**See this tutorial here!
A lot of people have been talking about my boot covers in the last couple days, and although I felt like I never took enough pictures I think it was time to make this. I also have added some tips about stretch fabric in here!
Please note that the plastic wrap + tape body patterns is great for making anything that is skin tight, or even body forms! I use this process anytime I need to make a fosshape mold for a limb or even making my Ming Corset. It’s just a great process that’s cheap and effective overall. 



Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms - Trailer

OMG sweet, sweet animation. also bara cats… @w@

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