TCAF 2012 Swag Post + Other Stuff!

This was my first TCAF ever, but it was pretty great! I went in there expecting not to buy that much, but then I did, as the photoset can indicate…

Also, I met up with leafy for the first time after her trip to HK, so I got some goodies from her too, like the Inaire ruler and watch, and some mugi pens ^p^

For Saturday, we (me, leafy and minji) arrived there at around 10:30 I think. After puzzling around for the Topatoco section we found it and quickly purchased Homestuck books 1&2 (without the shipping, they were $20 a book! Though, Vol 2 was twice as large as Vol 1…). Then we dashed down to the main floor and found a lineup already forming for Hussie’s signing. It was a huge lineup, but we managed to make it at least half an hour before his signing time ended. What Pumpkin was selling goodies beside him so I went and snatched up two prints and a pin set from them :>

After that hassle, we sat around for a while, meeting other friends that came to TCAF and grabbing lunch. Then I lined up for Brain Lee O’Malley’s signing with a friend, while leafy and minji went for Konami Kanata’s. I’m not actually a fan of Scott Pilgrim; leafy wanted a signature but Konomi and O’Malley where signing at the same time so I lined up for her. Also, at some point I bought the Dresden Codak Primer but I don’t quite remember when… I just remember deliberating over it and then going, “Fuck it, he’s got a nice style, I don’t follow the comic but I’m getting it anyway.”

At 5pm, we went with the Homestucks to Dundas Square for the draw meet. That was actually pretty awkward, because the group (and it was a large group) just plopped down in the middle of the square, which most definitely drew the attention of passerbys and such… After an hour we moved to the stage because there was a fire performance nearby the original spot the group sat at. I didn’t actually draw that much, nor did I really speak to anyone in the group /anti-social go!

I think we decided to leave the meet at 7pm, and we headed over to this super cheap Japanese place called Manpuku, which is located right by OCAD. Leafy rec’d the place, and it was totally awesome *p* I also discovered that takoyaki is in fact very awesome and now I just want more sob;; After that we all headed home, very tired but satisfied.

On Sunday, leafy and I met up at Finch at 9:30 am. We headed over to the library for TCAF, but we found out it opened at 11 am! Oops ‘x’ so instead we tried to head over to Labyrinth by walking along Bloor St. We found out that Bathurst was REALLY FAR from Yonge, so it was kind of an exercise in futility.

When we managed to make it back to the library at 10:40, there was a mini lineup for TCAF. So we joined the line and headed in at 11 am. Instantly, we grabbed the free Chii’s Sweet Home print and went to line up for Konomi’s signing. We got in at the front of the line so we got it pretty quick. After that we headed straight for Hamletmachine’s table and nabbed her prints /o/ and then we leisurely walked around TCAF, buying up prints and stuff here and there (well, that was mostly me. Leafy didn’t have that much money at the point :()

Once we were finished checking out all the tables, we bummed around the lineup area for signing, waiting for the line for Hussie to start up. When it did, we entered the somehow already long line, and got him to sign my friend’s book. We also noticed they had restocked on Vol 1 which ran out the morning of Saturday. My friend who had come on Saturday hadn’t managed to get Vol 1, so we decided to get that for her. But before that, I bought another beta kids pin set (and also exchanged the faulty Rose pin). I scrambled over to the bank to get more money and then scrambled back to buy Vol 1. Earlier while we were in the line there had been a huge stack of Vol 1 books, but they had been reduced to two books by the time I came back. I nabbed one for my friend, and then went back upstairs to try to get something my cousin requested (they ran out though :<)

After leaving TCAF we went to visit the Beguiling and Labyrinth comic bookstores and I ended up buying a Tenipuri and Arrietty artbook, though the Tenipuri one is going to be a gift for a friend. Then we tried to go to Manpuku again but discovered it was closed on Sundays :( We went to eat at Ajisen Ramen instead (that was pretty good too! :D) We went straight home after that /o/

At the festival, I ended up buying:

All that money, spent in two days… someone needs to help me control my spending Can’t say I actually regret spending my money though.

And that was my experience at TCAF! Totally fun, I want to go there again for next year!! \o/

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